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cbd for acne

CBD for Acne: Does It Really work?

Acne is a condition of skin that is caused by inflammation of the hair follicles and oil producing glands of the skin. It is most common among teenagers, however, it can affect people of all ages as well. The causes of acne are various: excess sebum production, accumulated bacteria, hormonal changes, clogged pores, stress, etc. These will be studied further in the article.

Acne can not only cause blemishes, but also acne scars, besides it can have psychological effects, such as alienation, stress, low self-esteem. However, nowadays you do not have to suffer from it: there are numerous over-the-counter means that can help you treat acne and, as a result, enjoy healthy skin.

Besides, many alternative therapies will be of great help for irritated skin and fight acne. Among those means CBD oil can be singled out first and foremost due to its anti inflammatory properties and many more. In this article we leave no stone unturned describing the effects of CBD oil on acne prone skin.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a final product which is extracted from CBD. The latter is one of over 100 natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. As compared to other compounds CBD does not cause you high and is not likely to develop an addiction.

Besides, it is promoted also for its array of therapeutic benefits. Many studies claim that it can reduce anxiety and depression, ease chronic pain and inflammation, improve the quality and quantity of sleep, make epilepsy seizures infrequent and sometimes even stop them, and, last but not least, help to treat acne or other skin disorders.

When consumed, it starts to interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body through receptors. The ECS helps regulate the essential processes and maintain balance in the body.

CBD oil may have different strengths and can be consumed in many different ways. There is a wide choice of CBD products to choose from, starting from tinctures, capsules, edibles, vapes to topical creams and lotions.

What Can Cause Acne?

As stated at the outset of the article, acne is a skin disorder that may affect people of all ages, but most often than not teenagers.

The causes are various:

  • Excess sebum (oil) production
  • Hair follicles get blocked by oil or dead skin cells
  • Build-up bacteria
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Inappropriate hygiene
  • Certain medications
  • Family history

So, all these factors may trigger acne, but you can tackle the problem consuming over-the-counter and prescription medications. These include topical lotions and ointments, such as salicylic acid, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, and oral antibiotics that reduce the excess sebum. Yet, all these medications, especially systemic antibiotics have side effects which very often may be more dangerous than the issue itself. Many people turn to supplements that help to control excess skin cell growth, hence the amount of oil produced by sebaceous glands, and provide long-term relief from acne.

Here is where CBD oil comes in handy.

Scientists believe that CBD’s anti inflammatory and antibacterial effects can help acne prone skin and improve its condition. Acne may be worsened by the presence of bacteria in or on the skin, so CBD products can be of great help killing those bacteria and treating inflammatory acne.

Can CBD Oil Treat Acne?

Most probably, CBD can have a positive effect on irritated skin due to its oil regulatory and anti inflammatory effects. It reduces excess sebum production preventing follicles from becoming clogged with oil. As a result, you will experience a reduction in oil production and in dead skin build up.

This is great news for those who are suffering from acne or acne scars.

There are a lot of studies which prove that CBD oil can help reduce the infections on your skin caused by various factors, including dirt and other pollutants. Moreover, a study, carried out in 2016, proves its anti inflammatory and anti-fungal properties which are crucial in treating various skin conditions.

Besides CBD oil proves to be fruitful in treating acne scars as it augments the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

The research of CBD is far from being conclusive, more precisely it is in its early stages of development, so the evidence is still anecdotal and we need more research to claim all this with full certainty.

But the results of studies of CBD and acne are quite favourable and are worth further investigation and monitoring.

How to Use CBD for Acne?

What refers to CBD oil application, it must be mentioned that it is up to you to decide which type of CBD skin care products to go for. Besides you can choose among topicals and edibles.

In acne treatment it is more preferable to choose a CBD face cream, which already comes with some carrier oil, be it olive oil, coconut oil or shea butter. A CBD cream is the best option as it can be applied directly on breakouts, irritated or itchy skin on a daily basis.

Another topical option is CBD oil, but make sure to add the carrier oil yourself before applying it on the skin, as pure CBD oil may be too strong for your skin.

You can take CBD oil orally by simply placing a few drops under your tongue and keeping it for up to one minute before swallowing.

If you decide to combine topicals with edibles to get the most desired effect, you can choose to consume gummies or capsules. However, you will have to consult your doctor to choose the right dosage and the most effective type of CBD.

To experience the final result, you should be patient enough as you will have to monitor its day-to-day effect for at least one or two months. Do not give up after one week, wait and judge the results in at least a month. Only consistent and systematic use of CBD oil can enable you to experience its long-term effects. And remember that a combination of CBD oil taken orally and applied to the skin can accelerate the treatment process, help you get rid of oily skin and enjoy healthy skin in the long run.

Final Thoughts

CBD has a hundred and one properties, but to get the place it really deserves, more clinical studies are necessary. But the studies carried out so far claim with assurance that CBD does have anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties which are crucial in fighting acne. Besides, there is a wide choice of CBD products that can be useful for skin problems: whether you choose CBD oil or any CBD skin care products to apply to your skin, or CBD oil, gummies and capsules to consume. They all will work to provide the anticipated results. So, the first place to start is to browse the CBDArmour products to find the ideal CBD for your skin type whether it dry skin or normal.

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