CBD Armour Affiliate Program
CBD Armour is the UK's leading CBD oil brand and the only CBD oil specialist to offer a comprehensive range of the finest and purest CBD oil on the market.

CBD Armour product's are of the highest quality and we ensure every CBD oil product is checked to ensure they meet the highest level of standards set by our in house scientists.

We take the health of our CBD Armour family very seriously, and we ensure that all of our products are organic and natural. We do not use any preservatives, flavours, chemicals or alcohol in any of our CBD oil products.

If you have CBD, Marijuana or other related traffic, you can join the program today.


Why Partner with CBD Armour?

You can monetize your traffic today, when you partner with CBD Armour:

  • Payouts: CBD Armour has a 20% Commission payout on retail websites, payments paid every month. 
  • Conversion Testing: We are constantly testing our design and messaging to improve conversions and maximize your commission you earn.
  • Quality: Very High quality products for very reasonable prices. 


How to proceed?
Sign up today and start making 20% commission.  All you need is a website, social media platform or blogging platform/website. 

Get started:
1.  Sign up on our simple one page form.
2. We will email you instructions on how to get started. 
3. Pick professional banners from our library
4. Set up the ads and links you have chosen on to your website, social media platform or blog site.
4.  Start making money immediately. 


If you have any questions please contact our affiliate team affiliates@cbdarmour.co.uk


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