CBD OilDiabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases amongst men, women, and children. Approximately a third of the population is suffering from either, type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and around 84.1 million people are prone to diabetes. Unfortunately, every year we lose approximately five million people to diabetes and the horrific truth is that this number is rising rapidly and there are no signs of it falling any time soon. Isn’t it shocking?

Many doctors and researchers have been and are currently working extremely hard to find a solution for diabetes. As a result, they have found many ways to control it, out of which, CBD oil is considered to be one of the most effective.

CBD Oil is a natural compound which can help in controlling diabetes and aid in managing the associated symptoms, as well as, a number of other diseases and disorders, including epilepsy, anxiety issues, cancer, arthritis, and depression.

Let’s find out how CBD oil can help in controlling Diabetes?

Decreases Insulin Resistance: Diabetes is caused by the lower production of insulin in the pancreas. With decreased production, blood sugar level increases in the body and is unable to absorb glucose which drastically builds up in the bloodstream. CBD oil helps in balancing the hormones and regulates the insulin production in the body. The cannabinoid receptors control the blood sugar level which directly soaks up the glucose and converts it into energy, thus, reducing the chance of diabetes.

Helps to Prevent Obesity: Being obese is not only about carrying excess weight, in fact, it also comes with a few other additional physical and mental problems. The body experiences inflammation in different parts, find it difficult to work, and are prone to various diseases. CBD oil has been widely recognised for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps in reducing inflammation. CBD has also shown tremendous results in balancing the Body Mass Index (BMI) which lessens the chances of diabetes.

May Control Diabetes-Induced Neuropathy: Diabetes is not only associated with blood sugar level, rather sometimes it disrupts the brain activity and functioning of certain organs of the body. Many diabetic patients suffer from nerve disorders which affect the functioning of the hands, feet and quite commonly joints. CBD oil, one of the chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant, helps to relax the mind thus reduces the chance of diabetes-induced neuropathy.

Are there any Side-effects of CBD oil?

Without a doubt, CBD oil has an impressive list of benefits. But, it would be incorrect to state that there are no side effects. You may experience minor yet harmless side effects which soon disappear as the body adjusts to and becomes accustomed to the oil. If you are diabetic, we highly recommend that you consult your GP and seek advice on the correct dosage.

Diabetes is on the rise, however, you can always prevent yourself from suffering from the side effects and in cases, lesser the symptoms. Start by adding CBD oil to your daily regime to help control and combat the disease and start leading a healthy life.