Check out this easy Italian pesto recipe that's simple to make and easy to infuse with CBD oil. This recipe is a great twist to your regular pesto, which everybody will love. This recipe's luscious green look and taste will surely bring you back to the dainty streets of Italy where you take a whiff of their delicious pasta. The recipe has a nutty, earthy, but sweet flavor in it. So, if you're craving for such, try this recipe.


Aside from pasta, you can also create huge batches of pesto sauce for future use. Store it in your mason jar with a cap on. Store in the lower part of the fridge and use it on various dishes like salads and sandwiches.


Ready to make your Italian pesto with CBD oil? Read on!


Things to prepare:


  1. Vegetables such as fennel, oyster mushroom, and baby leeks. Cut them into tiny pieces.
  2. Olive oil.
  3. Fresh lemon juice. 
  4. Two to three drops of CBD oil (or according to your correct dosage for one pasta serving).
  5. One glove of garlic.
  6. 50 grams of basil leaves, chopped nicely.
  7. 60 grams of parmesan cheese. Grated.
  8. Salt.
  9. Pepper.
  10. Pasta.


How to prepare the recipe:


  1. Chop your glove of garlic. Add your chopped garlic, basil, and a pinch of salt in your pestle and mortar. Pound them all until they turn into a paste.
  2. Pour in three drops of CBD oil and grated parmesan cheese in your pestle and mortar.
  3. Preheat your pan to high. 
  4. Lower your heat and then mix everything (except for the pasta), including your vegetables.
  5. Finally, when you get that runny consistency, season your sauce with salt and pepper.
  6. Put it in a mason jar.
  7. Boil your pasta with half water in. Put some salt in it and some olive oil.
  8. Wait until 15 minutes or until your pasta is soft to the bite.
  9. Put your pasta in a separate bowl.
  10. Pour your desired amount of pesto sauce in your pasta bowl and enjoy!
  11. To add more flavor, you can squeeze in more lemon juice in your pesto or grate some more cheese.


Final thought


There you have it. You finally cooked your favorite Italian pesto with CBD oil. If you are still hesitant about the dosage of CBD oil in your pasta, ask your doctor about it or read the instructions given on each product label.