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Surgical 3 ply Face Mask (50 Box) Online
Free UK Delivery

Surgical Face Masks

3-ply or surgical face masks are widely utilized for general purposes and within medical environments.  3-ply face masks are used to prevent droplets from entering the respiratory system. They are typically used within health, medical and catering environments. 

The 3-ply face masks provide good comfort throughout, you simply stretch it over your nose and mouth and place the ear bands behind the ears.  They provide protection against bacteria, fungi, and pollen and provide adequate protection against smog.  They also have high permeability which is why they are a great choice in most environments.    

They are single-use and need to be disposed of after every utilization.  They should not be re-used. They are practical, hygienic, and economical.  

The surgical 3-ply face masks come in a box of 50.  They are made out of high-density non-woven fabric, and polypropylene meltblown cloth.  

Our standard masks have EN certificates and both meet the UK and European standards.

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Fabric: Made of high-quality material, safe, soft, and comfortable

Color: White and Blue

Material: high-density non-woven fabric, and polypropylene meltblown cloth.

Filtering Rate: ≥95%

Standard: 3-ply, surgical mask, dust mask

CE mark: EN149:2001+A1:2009

Model: GB/T32610-2016

All masks package in 50 /box of 50

Dust mask specification 

3-ply Normal

Not Medical Grade 


Face Masks Type


50 Masks


£4.00 Each

  • Guaranteed accurate Concentration

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  • The Hemp we grow is Organically Certified

  • Organically Certified

    Produced under pharmaceutical Control. Tested by 3rd party labs

What is a surgical face mask?

These masks are very popular within the medical, catering, and healthcare environments.  This item is known by various names including surgical masks, 3-ply masks, and medical masks. They are typically worn by medical staff during jobs involving nursing, surgery, dental procedures, and even opticians (health professionals). 

Surgical masks are normally 3 layers, hence the name 3-ply, and are made of high-density non-woven fabric, and polypropylene meltblown cloth, which gives them a soft and comfortable fit to anyone. This also increases bacterial filtration efficiency.  

Our supply of surgical or dust masks has 3 layers of fabric, when you cut open the mask, you'll see three layers of protective materials inside.

Our 3-ply hygienic surgical face mask consists of three different materials.

  • The outer layer is made of hydrophobic non-woven material. 
  • The middle layer is made of melt-blown material.
  • The inner layer is made of soft, absorbent non-woven material.

Each layer serves a unique purpose in protecting against water droplets and aerosols gases and increasing bacterial filtration efficiency.

What do surgical face mask look like

They are quite distinctive in how they look and can be easily recognizable.  They are normally blue in color on the outside and the inside layer is normally white.  However, recently there have been new face mask designs and variations in color.  They have been seen in all white, beige, and even black and red.

They have a nose bridge sawn into the fabric where the mask sits on the face.  The surgical mask typically has ear loops that go around the ears to keep the mask securely fitted around the nose and mouth to create a seal.    

The difference between the surgical face mask and FFP2 and FFP3 respirator

FFP2/n95 and FFP3/n99 are generally seen as higher protection against smaller particulars which are transmitted via coughing and sneezing. Also, FFP2/n95 and FFP3/n99 are normally tighter fit, and reusable whereas surgical masks are looser on the skin, which means there can be leakages.  

 Reusable respirators are designed to protect the wearer from inhaling small particles (fluid and aerosol-related contamination).  However, with the surgical masks being more accessible, single-use, and more economical, they are the preferred face mask by many.  

Features of our surgical face masks

CE certified: It is CE certified. A CE-certified product has met the European standard of safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. 

Easy to utilize: It is universal in design, meaning, almost everybody in the world knows how to utilize one. 

How to wear a surgical face mask

To take advantage of a surgical face mask's protective benefits, please see steps in how to wear one safely, securely and comfortably.  

Choose an appropriate medical face mask size. An adult-sized one should be utilized by adults, while child-sized masks are for children.

As a precaution, wearing face coverings is not recommended for:

  • Children below two years old without supervision from an adult individual.
  • Individuals with the condition that have breathing problems.

Wash your hands properly before putting on face coverings.

It should tightly hug the sides of your face, corresponding to your nose and mouth.

If possible, avoid touching the covering material of the mask.  Only touch the elastic ear loop fastening.

These are single-use, so once you have utilized them, please throw them away immediately.  

If social distancing cannot be maintained, face coverings should be worn anywhere.