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Natural Organic Vegan Vegetarian

15% CBD Soap

  • Promotes the production of healthy skin cells

  • Moisturises the skin

  • Supports skin health

  • Cleans skin naturally

  • Leaves skin soothed

  • Free from Lye and Detergent


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Handmade soap which uses old recipes and modern herbal extracts. The soap is hand made in a process which involves the soap being baked in clay ovens (temperature does not exceed 60 degrees).

The soap is hand moulded, baked in clay ovens, then cut and dried in temperature controlled and ventilated rooms. The soap is made with the finest ingredients which ensure a long lasting castile soap. The soap produces foam which is gentile

on the skin leaving the skin soothed. As well as cleaning the skin, the soap has many benefits from moisturising the skin to supporting skin health.

All ingredients are from Industrial Hemp

Please note: THC levels are Below 0.2% as required by EU Regulations

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

15% CBD oil

The CBD oil has over 15,000mg of full spectrum cannabinoid content: CBD, CBGA; CBCA; CBC and THCV

  • Extra virgin organic hempseed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Palm oil
  • Extra virgin organic flax seeds oil
  • Castor oil
  • Calendula extract
  • Natural essential oils for the scent

100% Natural and Organic

Free from Lye and Detergent

THC not active

  • Contains no other chemicals, flavours or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Suitable for kosher and halal


  • Our farm is fully authorised to cultivate and process hemp plants.
  • All ingredients are from Industrial Hemp
  • Please note: THC levels are Below 0.2% as required by EU Regulations

CBD Armour Clients, CBD oils, Cannabis Oil, Cannabinoid Oil

Having read up on all of the information and research about CBD oil I was still slightly apprehensive about the product and whether it is as beneficial as it is claimed to be. However having purchased the product I am now reaping the rewards and I can honestly say it was definitely worth it. I use the oil the same as any other supplement and it is now a vital part of my daily routine. I feel more alert and energised. The oil is really easy to use and the pipette provided allows you to consume the correct dosage with no oil wasted. As you only require 1-2 drops a little goes a long way. The bottle can be easily stored and it comes with a pouch that is perfect for when you are travelling. The oil has a minty flavour making it enjoyable to consume daily. I would definitely recommend the products to everyone I know. With it being 100% organic and natural there are no adverse side effects, which in this day and age is a major plus/benefit. The service was super efficient, I placed my order in the morning and received it the following day. The website is user friendly and very easy to use and follow. I am now a registered member of the site and look forward to seeing new products being launched.

Charlotte P, Hampshire

Civil Servant

Happy women clients of CBD Armour oil

I’ve been using CBD oil silver on a daily basis for nearly a month now and it is the most effective treatment I’ve found for treating pain in my neck/back/shoulder/hand due to osteoarthritis and chronic inflammation. It is by far better then any pain killers I’ve used and I have had no side effects from taking this.

The oil has a very mild taste and the pippett allows for exact dosing.



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Guaranteed accurate concentration (%) of CBD -

The Hemp we grow is Organically Certified

The Hemp we grow is Organically Certified -

Produced under pharmaceutical control. Tested by 3rd party labs

Produced under pharmaceutical control. Tested by 3rd party labs -

5 star rating - See why  people love CBD ARMOUR

5 star rating - See why people love CBD ARMOUR

  • A nutritional supplement
  • The oil is 100% Natural
  • Organic certified
Buy CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil Store UK, Hemp Seed Organic Oil Online UK
  • optimise your daily activities
  • Ideal for stressful lifestyles
  • 100% Pure & Legal Product
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