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how long does cbd stay in your system

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD stays in the body for an average of 24 hours to several weeks.

How long does CBD stay in your system depends on two main factors:

  1. dosage and frequency of using
  2. type of product

Before we give you more details about these factors, let us introduce you to the main features of CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. There are around 113 different cannabinoids in cannabis, but CBD and THC are the famous ones.

CBD gained popularity in the last decades because of the studies that showed the potential benefits of its usage. On the other hand, the cannabis plant is known for centuries. The effect of THC is responsible for it.

The effect of CBD

The first thing you need to know is that CBD will not make you high. Unlike THC, CBD is not intoxicating. It is usually extracted from the hemp plant, used for centuries in the textile and food industry. Hemp has a low level of THC ( up to 0.3%) and a high amount of CBD.

That is why it became broadly legal. More and more countries are allowing the sale of CBD products, and the studies about it are flourishing.

When consumed, CBD gets connected with the endocannabinoid system in our body. The endocannabinoid system is a molecular system that regulates and balances various body functions, including immune response, metabolism, appetite, sleep, mood, memory, and more.

It was discovered during the research on THC. We have receptors in our body with which cannabinoids connect to. It results in changes in our body, mainly the nervous system. In simple words, CBD will make our nervous system relax.

What is CBD used for?

People use CBD to treat various conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. However, CBD showed some side effects too. Studies say that it can make you dizzy, nauseous, and even have a potentially bad influence on the liver. Potentially, it could be a natural substitute for many pharmaceutical products and medications, but it is still under research.

How long does CBD stay in the system?

If you want to know how long CBD stays in your system, consider a few things. CBD comes in different shapes and concentrations. The body’s absorption and elimination depend mainly on the dosage and frequency of use and the type of CBD product.

The dosage and frequency of using CBD

Usually, you can find out how much CBD is in the product you are using on the label. The percent of CBD and other components should be written on the package despite the product type.

However, there are a bunch of mislabeled products out there. Some researchers say that almost 70% of CBD products are mislabeled. You could test your product with a third party and find out the real situation if that is important. One of the reasons it’s important could be that many CBD products contain THC in higher or lower amounts. The amount of THC permitted in the CBD product is usually up to 0.3%, and those kinds of products are legal in many countries.

But, if the product contains more THC than it says on the label, you could have problems.

For example, it could make you fail the drug test, even though you think you used only CBD. There is no test for CBD, but THC is usually an important part of drug testing.

Besides that, CBD levels could also be mislabeled. That’s why you cannot be sure how long CBD stays in your system every time.

The dosage

If you are taking higher doses of CBD, it will stay longer in your body.

Simple as that. Some products have 5% of CBD and some 30%, and it makes a big difference. Also, it’s not the same if you are taking one or ten drops of CBD oil, for example. With higher doses and concentration, you will feel the stronger effect, and it will take longer to get it out of your system.

The frequency

If you are taking CBD often, it will stay in your body longer. It can take longer for a daily CBD user to completely remove CBD from their system than it does for a recent or occasional CBD user.

Type of CBD product

CBD comes in various forms. The market is abundant with different kinds of products that contain CBD extracts. The extraction is happening in various ways too. The big industry is usually using extraction with CO2, but there are many other ways.

When it comes to the product types, you will find a few common ones, including:

  • products for vaping
  • oils and tinctures
  • edibles

The effect and how long does CBD stay in your body depends on the method of use.


With smoking or vaping, you will feel the effect very quickly, and it will go out from your body faster. The same goes in the case of smoking CBD in the form of a dry flower bud.

Oils and tinctures

CBD can stay in your body for about 1 to 5 days if taken orally, studies say. However, the speed of absorption and elimination of CBD from your body depends on what and when you eat.

CBD will go in and out of your system faster on an empty stomach. Also, tinctures that are put under the tongue will be absorbed much faster.


Like with oils, the time CBD stays in your body after eating gummies, chocolate, or other edible products, depends on the absorption speed of your stomach. Compared to vaping, eating CBD products means that less CBD will end up in your bloodstream, and you will not feel the effect so fast.

How long does CBD stay in your system – the bottom line

CBD studies cannot give simple and unified answers to many questions about its features and effects on our bodies. Many things depend on how much and what you are taking. The main factors that influence the speed of absorption and elimination of CBD from your body are the dosage, frequency of use and product type.

If you take big amounts and do it every day, CBD could stay in your system for up to even one month. How long does CBD stay in your system also depends on other factors, like how much you exercise or how fast your metabolism is generally.

If you worry about the drug test and that CBD will show up, no need. CBD itself is not traceable on the regular employment tests or if you get stopped by the police.

But, if your CBD product is not pure enough and has more THC than allowed, it would be a different story. If you want to make sure that CBD, and possibly THC, will completely leave your system, better stop taking it as much as possible in advance.

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