CBD Oil in UK

CBD oil-a concentrated element extracted from the cannabis plant, is increasingly gaining in popularity due to its beneficial properties. Many people now claim that CBD oil helps in controlling an array of medical conditions, such as; epileptic seizures, menstrual related issues, pain associated with arthritis, general pain, symptoms of Alzheimer's disease to name a few.

Despite its varied benefits and curing properties, CBD Oil still remains a somewhat controversial topic in society. Many people are still unsure about where exactly this oil derives from, where it is procured, and the main concern is the actual legal status for consumption?

The main reason behind all the chaos and confusion is the lack of awareness and knowledge regarding the differences between Hempseed, Cannabidiol, and the Cannabis plant. To clear the air, let’s first closely understand these terms and then have a look at the UK Law:

What is Cannabis plant, CBD and Hempseed?

Cannabis Plant

Hash, weed, pot, marijuana, etc. are some of the names used for the cannabis plant. This plant consists of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive element. THC is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds found in the plant which makes the usage of cannabis plant illicit and illegal.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

There are approximately 120 different species of the cannabis plant. Apart from THC, the plant consists of more than 100 chemical compounds including cannabidiol which is otherwise known as CBD. This chemical is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the plant which merely contain 0.2% of THC, making the compound non-toxic.


As the name suggests, Hempseed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant (one of the species of the cannabis plants) which is generally used as a food supplement. Hemp seed oil contains a relatively low level of THC which makes the oil suitable for consumption.

Is CBD Oil legal in the UK?

Now, that you are aware and are familiar with the terminology, it is also vital to understand the rules and regulations relating to the consumption of CBD oil in the UK.

The laws regarding the legality of cannabidiol oil are different in every country. The UK Law has established some ground rules which defines the legitimacy of this oil.

  • According to the UK’s Drug Law, the cannabis plant is considered illegal to use as it contains a high amount of THC in it.
  • The law defines hemp oil as a good source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which makes its usage legal. It is widely used as a dietary supplement which helps in the overall improvement of general health.
  • When it comes to the consumption of CBD oil, the current law in the UK states that CBD oil which contains less than 0.2% of THC is legal to use.

What does The Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency(MHRA) have to say about CBD?

The Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Care in the UK. The rules and opinions passed by the agency are applicable to the whole country.

The MHRA states that the consumption of CBD oil is acceptable for medical purposes only. Cannabidiol oil which merely contains the traces of THC (<0.2% of THC) will be considered legal for sale.

In a nutshell, CBD oil is legal in the UK and can be consumed for medical purposes. If you suffering from any medical condition, such as; anxiety issues, depression, arthritis, pain, sleep deprivation, in fact, the list is endless, try giving CBD a go and see if it could benefit you.