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3 Best Ways How to Take CBD Oil

3 Best Ways How to Take CBD Oil

If you were wondering how to take CBD oil to achieve the best possible effect for you, here is the answer.

The best ways to take CBD oil are:

  1. Sublingually
  2. Orally
  3. Topically

But, what is the best way for you, you are wondering? It depends on why you use it. People use CBD oil to treat various conditions. You can choose the method of consumption which suits your condition best.

Here is a brief guide on how to take CBD oil regarding what you want to treat with it. But, to do that, let’s find out the basic facts about CBD.

CBD oil – what is it, and how does it affect us?

CBD is a new trend in the world of natural supplements. It is taking over the world because it is offering seemingly harmless treatment for various conditions.

What are the facts about CBD provided by science? So far, we will find out that CBD research is still limited, although in constant progress. But, there is some information about CBD that is attracting attention. Studies showed some potential benefits of CBD, which attracts more and more people to try it out. CBD is one of roughly 113 different cannabinoids, which compose cannabis plants. Besides CBD, another famous cannabinoid is THC. THC is usually extracted from the marijuana plant. Marijuana is high with THC and low on CBD.

CBD is usually extracted from hemp.

Hemp and marijuana – what is the difference?

Marijuana is a widely illegal plant. That is because it has a famous psychedelic effect. Marijuana and THC will get you high, and this is why many countries classified it as a drug and forbid its production and use. On the other hand, hemp is legal in most countries, and it has a wide use. Hemp is a plant with a big potential. Hemp has been used for centuries for creating various products. It is used in the textile industry as a cheap and durable material. It is a 100% biodegradable and ecological product. Hemp has a big potential value and probably will be used more in the future.

The nutritional benefits of hemp are also known for a long time. Many people use hemp seeds or proteins in their diet, and it has a broad spectrum of potential health benefits. Although we still don’t use the full potential of this plant, its popularity is growing day by day. The hemp plant is abundant with CBD and has a very low THC level, so it is commonly used for CBD extraction.

There are many ways to extract CBD from hemp. The most common are:

  • CO2 extraction
  • Solvent distillation
  • Oil extraction

CO2 extraction is a commonly used method in the industry of CBD products. The market is now flourishing with different products because of the growing use of CBD oil as a health supplement.

What are the potential benefits of CBD?

People find CBD oil helpful for treating various conditions. Most commonly, it is used to treat:

How to use CBD will depend mainly on the effect we want to achieve. The main effect of CBD is the relaxation of the body. To maintain this, CBD is connecting with the receptors in our endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a system of receptors in our body responsible for various areas. It is influencing our sleep, appetite, immune and nervous system. It can help our body reach homeostasis, be more relaxed, reduce the pain and improve our overall condition.

Are there any side effects of CBD?

Before you find out how to take CBD oil, better become acquainted with its potential side effects. Side effects of CBD may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Liver problems

The side effects are rare and usually show up with extremely high dosages. Nevertheless, you should consult your doctor before taking CBD. Besides the side effects, CBD can interact with some medications. Always consider possible interactions and use CBD oil under medical supervision.

How to use CBD oil?

There are three main methods of how to use CBD oil:

  • sublingually
  • orally
  • topically

Let’sLet’s find out what are the differences between these methods and what should be the criteria of choosing.

How to use CBD oil sublingually

One of the most commonly used methods for CBD consumption is in the form of CBD drops. The drops are taken sublingually, and it is one of the fastest methods. The drops under our tongue will be absorbed very fast, and we can expect the effect in about 20 minutes.

The effect will wear off in a few hours or more, depending on the product’s concentration. The dropper is easy to use, but it can still be tricky for getting the right dosage, compared to CBD capsules, for example.

Another downside is that the taste is not so great. According to the user’s experience, CBD oil itself has a specific, not so pleasant taste. Some brands are adding some additional aromas to cover the taste, but it is still not everyone’s cup of tea.


  • fast absorption
  • easy usage
  • lasting effect


  • specific taste
  • dosage is not easy

How to use CBD oil orally

We can eat CBD oil in many forms. From capsules to gummy bears, the brands made the use of CBD oil interestingly tasty. The best thing about this method of use is that we can find many different edibles and choose according to our taste.

The CBD industry has been creative, and you will find chocolates, cookies, gummies, and other delicious candies infused with CBD oil. Speaking of the effect, it will come slower compared to sublingual methods of use.

How fast you will feel the effect depends on a few factors:

  • how much did we eat
  • how fast is our metabolism
  • the ingredients of edibles

Roughly speaking, you will feel the effect in a few hours, and it will last longer than with sublingual use.


  • interesting and tasty variants of edibles
  • long-lasting effect
  • convenient for public use


  • the effect is kicking in slow
  • the intensity of the effect is lower than with other methods

How to use CBD oil topically

Like with edibles, there are also various products for the topical use of CBD oil. You will find different creams, massage oils and lotions, according to what you prefer. Topical use can be convenient for treating localized pain on the body. You can rub the cream at the painful spot and localize the effect of CBD.

When CBD is absorbed through the skin, it does not enter the blood system, but it interfaces with cannabinoid receptors in our endocannabinoid system through the pores.

This way of use can provide targeted relief in the parts of our body where it is needed. The time needed to feel the effect can vary from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the product. It can be a good option for arthritis or muscle pain. But, it can be less helpful with anxiety and depression.

Since it’s not entering our bloodstream, topical use of CBD oil will not have the same effect on our mood as other methods.


  • good for targeted treating of localized pain
  • fast absorption


    • CBD is not entering the bloodstream, so it doesn’t affect our mood
    • it’s hard to pick the right dose of CBD
  • usually has the low concentration of CBD

How to use CBD oil – the bottom line

Before deciding which is the best method of using CBD oil, you need to set your goal. The effect of CBD that you want to get will determine what the best way for you is.

Ways of using CBD oil

The three most commonly used methods of CBD oil consumption are:

  • sublingually
  • orally
  • topically

Sublingual use of CBD
If you need fast relief of symptoms like anxiety, tension, tremors and other conditions that require fast reaction, the best way of using CBD oil is sublingual. Drops under the tongue will be absorbed very fast and give you a lasting effect.

Oral use of CBD
Edibles are the tastiest way of taking CBD. If you take CBD orally, you will feel a long-lasting effect, but it will not come so fast.

Topical use of CBD
Cream and lotions are convenient for targeted pain relief in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis and muscle pain. However, it will not affect our mood, so it’s not the best choice for treating conditions like anxiety.


If you are not sure how to use CBD oil, the best dosage for you and how it will interact with your body, talk to your doctor. CBD oil is now widely used as a legal supplement around the world.

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