CBD Oil Dropping in the bottle

CBD products have long made their way into our lives. Now you can improve the quality of your health and, hence, life by incorporating CBD into your daily routine. But among so many CBD products available online, finding premium CBD can be really challenging. And, once you have found the one that works for you, you are set up for success. But the next question to bother you is to know the best ways to storing CBD oil so that it could retain all its wondrous benefits and does not turn rancid. Proper storage is essential not only for CBD potency, but also for other compounds, terpenes, flavonoids that your product contains. All these ingredients are vital as they work in synergy to provide the desired effect.

A properly extracted, well-stored cannabis products can have a very long shelf life, of about 14 months, with insignificant or no degradation. But, the ingredients used, flavours and additives infused do matter in this respect, as they can make the product susceptible to compromising elements..

Thus, storing CBD is actually not hard, but there are some key do’s and don’ts you should be considering to get the most out of your product. The three things that are absolutely important to keep in mind, for they can have an adverse effect on your CBD oil supplements, include heat, light and oxygen. This implies that your CBD products can get quickly compromised when exposed to the afore-mentioned elements. The following article provides a detailed guide to how prolong the life of your beloved CBD product.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Storing Your CBD Products

Keep It Away in a Cool Place

High temperature is a critical factor in reducing the longevity of CBD products. so, the best way to store it is away from continuous heat exposure. The heat will turn the oil into somewhat muddy substance. You might be wondering where the best place for storing your CBD products would be. Here the following tips should be taken into account:

  • Keep your products in room temperature, away from your appliances, such as ovens, refrigerators, dryers, heater, etc. This is because electrical appliances are likely to emit heat.
  • Don’t ever store CBD oil inside your vehicle. This is a huge mistake as locked cars are known to build up heat easily. The very high temperature will only enhance the degradation of the cannabinoids in your product. AS a result, you will end up with a less effective product.

Refrigerator, on the other hand, can be a great location for storing your CBD oil, if you live in a humid climate. If the packaging instructions recommend keeping the oil in the fridge, go ahead and do so. This may refer to beverages infused with CBD. In case of CBD oil, you might notice that your product gets denser or separated when refrigerated. This is not a big deal, you will just have to immerse it in a glass of hot water for a while or keep it under hot running water before each use. Then give it a couple of shakes, and here you go with your best-ever product.

If you have purchased more than one bottle and need to keep them for a while unopened, you can keep them safely in the freezer. It is a perfect place for long-term storage of your cannabinoid product.

Don’t Expose it to Direct Light

CBD products can be classified as nutraceuticals. CBD oils, tincture, edibles, salves, vapes are to be kept out of direct sunlight. This means that ultraviolet rays will only diminish the efficacy of your CBD product and reduce its lifespan. This is the reason why CBD oil and tincture, for example, come in specially designed dark amber bottles which don’t allow ultraviolet rays to come into contact with the product. This should also make you alert when purchasing CBD oil. Make sure that the products are not packaged in a transparent container or bottle. Do not get enticed by transparent bottles with beautiful packaging. They will simply attract UV rays and serve as a bait for faster degradation of the cannabinoid content.

When it comes to other products, like edibles, capsules, dog treats, it is vital to keep them in the same containers they came in. So, the most optimal place to keep your CBD is a cupboard or a fridge. You can also cover it with aluminum foil to spare it from light.                                                                                                      

Keep CBD Product Airtight

When natural cannabinoids are exposed to oxygen, they are sure to breakdown very fast. This means that, over time, the CBD products you value so much will begin to lose their efficacy. It is for this reason that they are usually sold in airtight containers. To enhance the potency and efficiency of your CBD product, try to keep it in its original bottle, put the cap back tightly and check after each consumption to ensure that the cap of your CBD oil bottle is sealed properly. This will prevent air from seeping into the bottle. Always check the container when making a purchase to ensure that it is tightly sealed. Do not buy CBD products which come with broken seals.

How To Store Other CBD Products?

The most popular type of CBD products is CBD oil or tincture. But today there is a wide range of no less trendy CBD products available online. They enlist capsules, supplements, creams.

The main ingredient of CBD capsules is oil. But in contrast to the oil in bottles, soft gels are protected against exposure to air. So, to provide the longevity of CBD capsules just keep them in a dark, airtight container away from heat, in cupboards, pantry or drawers.

CBD creams have a special packaging that provides their long-term storage. The containers are airtight and UV-protected. However, it would still be safe to store them in a cupboard or in the fridge.

How Long to Store CBD products?

CBD products, especially CBD isolate ones, are perishable. It means they have their expiration date, which, on average can be anywhere from one to two years if stored in a fridge. When kept outside the refrigerator, the shelf life can last up to one year as long as it does not come in contact with heat and light. But once opened, they will preserve their potency and effectiveness for at least six months. But it does not mean that after this period is good for nothing. You can still consume it only in a little bit larger dosage.

How To Tell if the CBD Oil is Fit For Use?

Basically, CBD supplements will most likely be exhausted before they even approach their expiry dates. To be on the safe side, however, equipping yourself with knowledge about what to look out for can help you to determine if your CBD product is expired.

Are you a rookie when it comes to dealing with CBD oil? You can first begin by smelling your CBD product as soon as you purchase and open it. The product usually comes with a smell that is herbal as well as aromatic. This can also be influenced by the type of carrier oil. You might get olive oil smells, a minty aroma, or other kinds of smells.

The moment that your CBD oil goes bad, it is easy to notice because the aroma which used to be pleasant immediately becomes rancid. If it ever happens, just do not risk it. Throw it away and purchase a new one.


Now that you are aware of all the risks associated with the storage of CBD products, you can readily go for it. Buying quality CBD products will ensure that they stay very effective for up to one year in the right storage conditions. If you want to prevent the cannabinoids in your CBD products from degrading quickly, ensure that you keep them away from light, as well as air and heat. Of course, your reason for purchasing products such as CBD oil is that you have a need to obtain the highest possible satisfaction from the use of these products. Apply the best storage practices that we have provided for you and enjoy your CBD products.