When it comes to CBD products as well as hemp related supplements, a lot of persons have problems determining how best to ensure that these elements are stored properly. Providing adequate storage for CBD products helps to keep them fresh. This is also important for the cannabinoids that are contained in your CBD products. In order for them not to experience degradation or premature breakdown, proper storage is essential. Remember that your reason for purchasing products such as CBD oil is because you have a desire to obtain maximum utility from the use of these products. No one wants a situation where they get to purchase a CBD balm but find out the product begins to lose its effectiveness due to poor storage conditions.

The best way to guarantee that your CBD products will last a long time and continue to provide you with maximum satisfaction is through proper storage. There are best practices that you can adopt as a way of extending the shelf life of your CBD products while guaranteeing that they will remain potent for a long time. 3 things that you must keep in mind that can have an adverse effect on your CBD oil supplements include heat, as well as, light and oxygen. This implies that your CBD products can get quickly compromised if you expose them to these elements. You need to take care to store your products in places where you have control over these elements.

How to Store Your CBD Products

Consider these tips below to help you properly store CBD products:

Keep your CBD products stored in a place that is cool

One of the fastest ways to render your CBD oil supplements as well as CBD products ineffective is to continuously expose them to heat for a long time. You might be wondering where the best place for storing your CBD products would be. For one, ensure that you do not keep your products near appliances. This is because electrical appliances have a tendency to emit heat. These appliances include ovens, refrigerators, dryers, as well as heaters. You do not really need to keep your CBD oil in the refrigerator. You might only have to do that if your area of residence is in a location that is known for heat and humidity. At this point, it could be rational to place CBD products inside your fridge.

If you place your CBD oil inside your fridge, there’s a tendency that it could get thickened due to the very low temperature. You have nothing to worry about if you encounter this. All you have to do is heat some water up until it becomes warm. Then, take the CBD bottle and place it in the warm water. Within some minutes, your CBD oil will return to normal, and you can use it as you wish to.

Do not make the mistake of storing your CBD products inside your vehicle. This is a huge mistake as locked cars are known to build up heat easily. The very high temperature in your vehicle will only facilitate the degradation of the cannabinoids that are contained in your CBD oil products. You will eventually end up with a less effective product.

Protect your CBD products from coming in contact with direct sunlight

CBD products can be classified as nutraceuticals. This means that coming in contact with direct sunlight will only cause your CBD products as well as CBD oil supplements to be stripped of their efficacy. This is the reason that CBD oils and products are usually kept in specially designed bottles which help to protect them from getting damaged by exposure to light. Ensure that you always keep the products in the bottles that are originally designed for them. Areas that are dark and cool are ideal for your CBD products. Do not keep them near open windows.

This should also make you alert when looking to purchase CBD oil. Ensure that the products are not packaged in a container or bottle that is clear. Of course, many brands know how to provide beautiful packaging, but clear bottles are simply an indication that there will be a faster degradation of the cannabinoid content. This is down to the fact that your CBD products will naturally encounter more exposure to light.

The containers for CBD products must be airtight

When natural cannabinoids come in contact with oxygen, it facilitates their breakdown. This means that, over time, the CBD products that you value so much will begin to lose their effectiveness. It is for this reason that CBD products are usually sold in containers that are airtight. The reason is that your CBD products must stay protected from being exposed to air. Always carry out checks to ensure that the cap of your CBD oil bottle is sealed tightly each time you make use of it. This will prevent air from seeping into the bottle. Always check the container when making a purchase to ensure that it is tightly sealed. Do not buy CBD products which come with broken seals.

How can you tell that your CBD oil is no longer good?

You should first be concerned about how long CBD oil can last as soon as it is opened. Many persons just like you have a concern about the shelf life of their CBD oil once opened. On the average, your CBD oil comes with an expiration date which can be anywhere from one to two years if you store it in a fridge. When kept outside the refrigerator, the shelf life should still be able to last up to one year as long as it doesn't come in contact with heat and light.

But how do you know if your CBD oil is no longer good?

Basically, CBD supplements will most likely be exhausted before they even approach their expiry dates. To be on the safe side, however, equipping yourself with knowledge about what to look out for can help you to determine if your CBD product is expired.

Are you a rookie when it comes to dealing with CBD oil? You can first begin by smelling your CBD product as soon as you purchase and open it. The product usually comes with a smell that is herbal as well as aromatic. This can also be influenced by the kind of formulation used. You might get olive oil smells, a minty aroma, or other kinds of smells.

The moment that your CBD oil goes bad, it is easy to notice because the aroma which used to be pleasant immediately becomes rancid.


At the very least, buying quality CBD products will ensure that they stay very effective for up to one year in the right storage conditions. If you want to prevent the cannabinoids in your CBD products from degrading quickly, ensure that you keep them away from light, as well as humidity and heat. Of course, your reason for purchasing products such as CBD oil is that you have a need to obtain the highest possible satisfaction from the use of these products. Apply the best storage practices that we have provided for you and enjoy your CBD products.