Vegan Street Food Firm Launch New 'CBD Oil' Sauces

Vegan Street Food Firm Launch New 'CBD Oil' Sauces

A POPULAR Walthamstow street-food restaurant is among the first in the country to create new sauces made from CBD oil. 

The Green Grill, based at the CRATE hub on St James Street, serve finger-licking plant-based junk food, including burgers and kimchi hotdogs. 

And founders Robbie Rees and Joel Elster have made a new addition to the menu - sauces crafted with hemp-derived CBD oil. 

The oil, aka ‘cannabidiol’, is extracted from cannabis plants but contains only trace amounts of the high-giving chemical ‘tetrahydrocannabinol’, making it perfectly legal. 

It’s classed as a super-food supplement and powerful antioxidant, said to promote health and wellbeing. 

Robbie, a semi-professional footballer, and Joel, a seasoned hospitality consultant, have teamed up with leading UK brand CBD Armour to launch the dishes. 

And Robbie says the sauces have proved an instant hit. 

He adds: “We made a garlic and basil Alioli - a type of Spanish mayonnaise - to go with our signature dish, our green monster burger.