CBD Hair Oil

Our hair is made up of a tough protein known as Keratin which is designed to strengthen the hair and stops them from falling out. 91% of protein is essential for healthy and shiny hair. But, due to certain factors like pollution, ageing, lack of nutrition, weakness, and stress etc. hair starts falling and loses its shine.

Instead of going down the chemical route, why not try the “path of nature” to enjoy long-lasting results? The Ultimate Hair Oil is a blend of oils which contains hemp oil which is well-known for its healing properties and effective results for hair. The oil has extraordinary benefits for hair, let’s gather all the information and bring the shine back:

Moisturises the Scalp: You cannot protect your hair from excessive pollution and dust in the environment. With excessive dirt, hair becomes greasy and needs a wash frequently. But, using excessive shampoo eventually dries the scalp and causes dandruff. If you are sick of dry skin and dandruff, use the Ultimate Hair Oil twice a week to moisturise the scalp. The oil nourishes the scalp, removes dead skin cells and clears dandruff away from hair. For best results, apply the oil and leave it overnight for proper absorption and an increase in nutritional value.

Encourage Hair Growth: The Ultimate Hair Oil contains Hemp oil which consists of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 Fatty acids which are vital for the body. Since hair contains 90% of protein, Hemp Oil can be a profitable and safe option to try for hair growth. This oil covers all the basic nutrients required by the hair, increases the blood circulation and supports hair growth. If you are not keen on hair treatments, then add Ultimate Hair Oil to your daily regime and stimulate hair growth naturally.

Hinder Hair Breakage: It is quite normal to lose around 50-100 strands every day. But, regular breakage leads to weak roots and major hair loss which can be very disturbing. One of the main reasons of hair breakage is lack of nutrition and unequal distribution of nutrients in the body. If your hair is not getting proper nutrients from food, how will they remain strong? Just like your body, hair also need food for strength and proper functioning. To stop breakage, You can also apply the oil directly on the scalp to bring the natural texture back. The oil soothes the skin and makes the scalp livelier to support the hair.

Softens the Hair: Everybody loves silky and soft hair. People love to play with well-groomed, clean and soft hair. But due to excessive dryness and lack of oils in the body, hair loses its shine and becomes rough and arid. Try using Ultimate Hair Oil to combat these symptoms and softens the hair. Presence of Hemp oil which contains Vitamin E in the oil will nourish the skin and acts as a strong conditioning agent. The oil also works on the elasticity of hair and improves the circulation which in turn conditions and alleviates the hair.

Hemp Oil is often called “magical oil” because of its unimaginable benefits for mind, body, hair, and skin. Swap your regular oil with Ultimate Hair Oil which is a blend of Hemp oil and other natural oils, apply regularly for a month and get ready to say “hello” to shinier, stronger and beautiful hair.