Wearing bllack nitrile gloves

Your easy guide to using and taking care of safety gloves. 

Safety gloves are quite essential for workers involved in risky jobs. Even a little accident can lead to hand injuries and the spread of infections. Hence, for some workers, it becomes mandatory to wear their gloves at all times. 

However, at times, many of us aren’t aware of how to use and take care of safety gloves. Thus, leaving you vulnerable to any kind of mishap. 

So, this blog will help you figure out some protective tips to use and take care of the protective gloves. Read on!

Why Is It Important to Wear Safety Gloves Properly and Take Care of Them?

It is extremely necessary to wear your personal protective equipment properly and to take care of them for the following reasons: 

  • Reduced Risk to Yourself 

One of the most obvious reasons to wear protective gloves properly is to reduce any kind of bodily harm to yourself. 

When you’re not wearing your gloves properly, you might still be in danger. For example, if you’re dealing with harmful chemicals and not wearing your gloves safely, you’re risking burning your hand. 

  • Reduced Risk to Others 

Sometimes, when you are not careful about wearing gloves, you may also risk endangering others. 

For instance, toxic chemicals and germs can spread from skin contact too. So, whenever you come in contact with the other workers, their skin can also come in contact with toxic materials or germs.

Hence, wearing gloves properly becomes your responsibility in order to not cause any kind of danger to others. 

Protective Tips to Use and Take Care of Protective Gloves

Moving on to the main topic, how exactly can you make use of safety gloves and take care of them properly? Given below are some tips to do so: 

  • Find the Correct Size and Material

If your gloves are too tight or too loose, don’t just let it go. Instead, try to find the protective gloves that fit you well. 

When your gloves are too loose, there are chances that they might slip off and cause danger to you and others. On the other hand, extremely tight gloves can make you feel uncomfortable. Due to this, you won’t be able to focus on your work. 

You may also want to find the correct material to avoid any skin allergies. For instance, nitrile gloves are quite comfortable and reduce the risk of allergies. 

  • Never Reuse or Wash Disposable Gloves 

According to the CDC, keep in mind that it is not recommended to reuse or wash your disposable gloves. 

So, if you’re specifically using gloves to keep the spread of infectious diseases at bay, reusing them can still increase the chances of exposure to germs. Similarly, when you wash disposable gloves, it can affect the quality and efficiency of the gloves. 

  • Look Out For Any Damage or Holes in Gloves 

Before wearing any gloves, inspect them and see whether they have any damage or holes in them as they are not cut resistant. If you notice even a single hole, consider replacing them with a new fresh set of gloves. 

  • Wash Gloves Before Removing Them 

Before removing and disposing of any gloves, we suggest washing them with soap. This will help in reducing the exposure to any germs or chemicals while removing them. 

Similarly, after removing gloves, wash your hands with soap and water too. 

  • Store the Gloves Properly 

Lastly, it is highly recommended to store the gloves in a dry, cool, and hygienic container, away from any toxic chemicals. 

Final Thoughts 

Protective gloves can ensure proper safety only if you know how to make good use of them and how to take care of them. 

So, follow the above protective tips to use and take care of the safety gloves always!