Mum forced to smuggle CBD Oil to help son

When we talk about superheroes, our minds travel to Superman, Batman, Black Panther, Ironman, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Thor, Black Widow, and so on, but these ones are fictional. They only work the worlds of the make-belief screens, where millions of fans worldwide can't get enough of them. When we talk about superheroes, in this case, we are talking of parents that have gone the extra mile to ensure that their kids have access to comfortable lives. We have seen parents who have sacrificed their all to give their kids a great life, and we have seen those who have bent the rules to ensure that their kids lead a peaceful life. One of them is a Scottish mum, who is currently being investigated for going out of her way and bending a few rules to give her kid the help he deserves.

The Scottish mother has gone ahead to admit that she smuggled cannabis oil into the country, with the aim of giving it to her son. She had the intention of using it to help treat her son since a lot of Scottish doctors weren't forthcoming in prescribing it for her son.

The Scottish mother is no other person than Lisa Quarrell, a retired police officer. She got the drug into the shores of the nation illegally in a bid to treat Cole, her son, who was suffering a rare kind of epilepsy.

She had taken him to a lot of doctors to have them prescribe the drug, but she was turned down time and time again. She couldn't watch her son suffer, and that's why she decided to go out of her way to bend the rules.

Now, she feels that she may have to face child protection proceedings because of this.

According to her, it was terrifying when she broke the law, but she was left with no choice, as she couldn't watch her kid suffer.

Her son, Cole Thompson, had undergone brain surgery, as well as different anti-epileptic drugs, but to no avail. Some days, he had to deal with up to sixteen seizures, and a sizeable number occurred at night. No drug was working on him, and he used almost everyone available.

Based on the BBC documentary done on her, Lisa went on to say she had no choice but to smuggle in a cannabis-based drug, the one that possessed the substance THC. THC is that part of the cannabis or marijuana plant that gives the feeling of 'high,' from Holland. It was easier to get a prescription from a reputable doctor in Holland than it was from her country. After she purchased it, she smuggled it into her country.

Getting this done wasn't easy, as she had to part away with thousands of pounds before she could successfully bring in the drug into the country.

Currently, as a result of her actions, her son is being treated with cannabis oil after being perceived by a London hospital.

After Cole started using the oil, he has improved drastically. The seizures have reduced, and he is responding to the treatment, something that was unseen when he was using the normal epilepsy drugs.

CBD oil that possesses THC isn't illegal in the UK, as long as it is prescribed by a doctor. The same can be said for other drugs that have THC. The only time it is illegal is when it is purchased without a prescription. A lot of physicians are refusing to prescribe it, especially those that are scared of change.

Many of those in this boat do not care if research and studies have shown that cannabis can help in treating different ailments. For the meantime, they don't want to be forerunners of change. This doesn't mean that you can't come across physicians that at ready to prescribe it too.

Not every cannabis-related products are banned in the UK. One can purchase CBD oil that possesses THC of lower than 0.05% from reputable vendors without necessarily having a doctor's prescription. The issue is purchasing cannabis-based products that have THC of above 0.05%.

This was where Lisa found herself in. Since her son was suffering from a rare kind of epilepsy, he needed a cannabis-based drug that had THC of above 0.05%, and this couldn't be accessed with the necessary prescription in the UK.

The East Kilbride resident, Lisa, has received multiple visits from the police, as they have asked her to give them voluntary access to the medical records of her son.

If care isn't taken, there is a chance that she may now face child protection proceedings. According to the Police, Lisa had decided to take an unconventional way to solve things, and it was their duty to see if there was no child protection problem or criminal element concerning her actions.

The Police went on to ask Lisa to sign a mandate permitting the authorities to begin an investigation concerning her actions. The mandate she signed also allowed them to have a discussion with physicians and medical professionals handling Cole.

Lisa had no choice but to agree if not, it could take a dramatic turn, and the Police would have no choice but to move straight to carrying out a child protection investigation.

The Police has contacted the private hospital that is taking care of Cole to get his medical reports and hear what they have to say about him.

A Police Scotland spokesman went on to tell BBC Scotland that after conducting the needed investigation, it was seen that no act of criminality was carried out by the mother of Cole.

He went on to state he couldn't state if the child protection proceedings had started or not.

Analysts that have looked at the matter seem to be supporting Lisa's action. How did the system expect the mother to react when in October, she was told that there was no expectation of any good result concerning her son by the doctors?

In the third month of this year, she was told by the doctors that they could not fix him.

Lisa doesn't seem to understand why people don't want to know how she got her son fixed and run more research on the alternative medicine that worked out for her. She keeps on wondering why some people are trying to demonize her for doing the thing every good parent should do, protect their kids from pain.

Now, she has to deal with health, social services, education, as well as the police scrutinizing her life, instead of trying to help other parents that are in her shoe give their kids the alternative medicine that fixed her son.

She went on to state that she has nothing to hide, but the demonizing is too much for anyone to take.

The reason she decided to let the world know of her plight is to ensure that her family could go back to leading a peaceful life.

What other alternative did she have? Nothing, according to her. She couldn't continue watching her son lead a painful life.

According to her, she couldn't sit and watch her son suffer until he died because NHS and politicians couldn't reach an agreement.