There are many wonderful things that you can put on your toast, aside from butter. You could also put avocado, egg, vegetables, cheese, strawberry, cumin seeds, bacon, or CBD oil in your classic breakfast toast. Read on to dress your classic breakfast toast in a new way.


Serving size: Serves two people.


Things to prepare:


⦁    A teaspoon of cumin seeds;

⦁    Olive oil (use as intended; mainly for frying sunny side up eggs);

⦁    Seasonings (salt and pepper; determine the amount through taste);

⦁    Four slices of toasted bread;

⦁    One avocado;

⦁    Two eggs;

⦁    CBD oil (amount should be determined by the instructions written in the packet);

⦁    A quarter cube of butter.


How to prepare things:


  1. Cut your butter cube into several pieces or any mashable pieces.
  2. Put your butter cubes, and CBD oil in one pan to low heat. Keep the heat as low as you could to prevent the CBD oil from evaporating.
  3. When your CBD-infused butter simmers or has a little smoke to it, put your slices of toast into the pan. Get them out when they're slightly brown on the edges. Keep the heat low.
  4. Scoop the insides of the avocado and mash them in a clean bowl. Keep them as fine as you can so you can easily spread them evenly in your toast.
  5. Cover the other surface of the bread with avocado and season them with salt and pepper.
  6. In a pan, fry your eggs with cumin seeds and olive oil. Cook your eggs until their whites are fluffy, and the yolks are runny.
  7. Put your one egg per pair of toast.
  8. Serve hot and enjoy.


Things to note while cooking and serving:


  1. Some guest is found of putting either mayonnaise, mustard, or tomato sauce in their toast. Ready your other ingredients for that option. 
  2. Before you start sauteeing your CBD oil with butter, pertain to your CBD brand manual first in terms of amount. Do the math in terms of the dosage that you need.


Things to note while cooking


Add the serving size by doubling, tripling, or more, the measurements indicated in the ingredients section.


Final thought


Toasts are the darling of the breakfast scene, so make them as interesting as you can. Make them more unforgettable by using this recipe. Have a beautiful morning, and good luck with your breakfast adventures.