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What a week with 2 ambulance trips to the hospital. I am certainly living my life to the fullest. Let me give some credit to this oil once again as it has been helping me alot. Also to answer some of the questions I had about it with my last post. ___ @cbdarmour works great for me. Thanks again to my friend for introducing me to it some time ago. ___ Not sure exactly how it is possible but when I take it in the morning it gives me focus and energy. When I take it before bed it relaxes me and give me a good night sleep. Maybe it is just what I call "My Little Secret" ☺ ___ After these crazy 7 days I think I'll increasing the dose tonight so I can forget I've waited for the ambulance for 12hrs and I can sleeeeeeppppp
So this has been my week so far, 4 rooms/flats views.. 2 of them #catfish 2 of them just extortionate (£700pm for a box room). One knee injury preventing me from doing cardio for the last 4 days and a trapped nerve in my neck and back has meant no lifting for the past 3 days. I should move house in 2 weeks, I should start prep on Monday, I’m a stone and a half heavier than my best condition last year. In short, it’s a stressful time
@suzelmackintosh using our 10% CBD oil Silver
I’ve been taking @cbdarmour droplets a few times a day and in the last 2 weeks can honestly say I’ve noticed a big difference in how i’m dealing with stress. #CBD has SO MANY benefits including aiding chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, nausea, skin conditions, insomnia and even treatment of cancer. If you suffer from any of the above I highly recommend checking them out ! #cbdarmour #cbdoil #cbdheals #cbdcures #cbdcommunity #cbdforthepeople #cbdhealth #nomakeupmonday #notsponsored
Happy Monday everyone! ☀️ • Today I’m back with the CBD oil convo and talk a little bit more about the benefits of it, but this time for you, Animal lovers
Anybody else use CBD oil? We have been using due to busy lifestyle and been finding it a great product. Also the deep sleeps have been great to. The CBD oil We use is by @cbdarmour
More than one way to be plant powered . This stuffs so good, I've got my family on it & nothing matters to me more than the people and things that love me . I could tell you all the benefits of CBD but you should research yourself, I've been an advocate of cbd and canibinoids for a long time & it's amazing to see the legal system changing, in favour of science and progress rather than sitting still and banning a plant that has so many benefits . @cbdarmour have gave me a 25% off code for you all, which will be reduced down to 15% off at the end of the month . Use vincentazz25 for discount and enjoy ❤️
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