Different Methods to Consume CBD

You may be wondering what the best method is to ingest CBD oil in order to get the best health benefits? There are four ways to ingest CBD and the method you use determines the effects it has on your mind and body. The four ways are smoking cannabis, vaporising CBD oil, incorporating CBD oil in food and consuming CBD in an oil form.

Traditionally, for centuries people have been smoking marijuana (cannabis). The popular belief being it has many health benefits, although it is mostly used for recreational purposes as well as the psychoactive effects people receive from smoking marijuana. One of the positives of smoking marijuana as an ingesting method is that it is minimally processed and normally smoked in its unprocessed form. Additionally, its effects are instant and the dosages can be easily regulated. One of the negatives is that smoke is harmful to lung health. The chemical structure of cannabis is altered when it is heated and burned; negating any therapeutic effects it may posses. The smoke from the marijuana is toxic to the body just as the smoke of any other substance would be. Lastly, burning and inhaling a substance creates oxidation within the body that is harmful.

A more recent way of ingesting CBD is via the vaporising method. This method heats the oil just below the combustion point and unlike smoking, the oil does not burn making this method of ingesting easier on the lungs. Vaporising also produces a clean inhalation avoiding any other chemical entering the body. However, vaporisers can be expensive and the equipment requires regular maintenance.

Eating is something we do everyday, making this a great way to incorporate CBD oil into your daily routine. This is an alternative method to smoking and vaporising and the effects may last longer. A downfall of this method of ingesting when incorporating CBD oil in food is it is very hard to judge the dosages; therefore making it difficult to judge how long the effects may last.

The most popular method in recent times is consuming CBD in an oil form. The oil is farmed and produced from cannabis sativa plants to create the ideal structure (high cannabidiol and low THC). This method ensures the user gains all of the best health benefits and has no psychoactive effect caused by THC. With this method of ingesting the amounts of oil can be easily judged and measured. This makes it an ideal way for children to ingest CBD as there are no psychoactive effects and the dosage can be monitored. A drawback of this method is the large amount of cannabis required in order to produce a high potency CBD oil (10+% CBD), making it fairly expensive to produce and consequently to buy.



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