Your guide to knowing everything about masks during the COVID-19 era.

Masks, regardless of their type, are very important to limit the chance of catching the virus. After all, did you know that face masks can reduce the spread of Covid-19 by 85% as per WHO?

Due to this reason, you should use them as a part of the whole infection control strategy for more safety. So, when should you wear a mask? And, how should you use it? Read on to know everything!

When to Wear a Mask?

If you are in a city that has confirmed COVID-19 cases and the virus is circulating, then you definitely need to wear a mask in the following situations:

  • In all crowded areas, meetings, or settings, etc. 
  • All public places, such as restaurants, malls, grocery stores, etc. 
  • In places where you cannot maintain social distancing or it is very hard to do. 
  • Closed rooms that have no ventilation, or any room with poor ventilation. 

If you have any doubts about the place you are in, then be on the safe side and always wear a mask. Do not feel awkward wearing them as it is essential for your own health!

How to Use Masks for Protection?

According to the World Health Organization, here are the steps to wear a mask properly: 

  • Clean Your Hands

Clean your hands properly before you touch the mask. You can disinfect them with alcohol or you can wash them with water and soap properly if alcohol is not available. 

  • Make Sure You Cover It All

Cover your nose, mouth, and chin with the mask. Do not let your nose out of the mask, it will make the whole mask useless. 

  • Bend the Top Part

If it is a surgical mask, make sure you bend the metal or plastic part on top of the mask around your nose. 

  • Do Not Touch Your Mask

Do not touch the mask or your face at all. If you touched it accidentally, rub your hands with a sanitiser or alcohol. 

  • Wash Fabric Masks 

For fabric masks, store them in a clean plastic bag then wash them at home to disinfect them for the next day. 

  • Throw Away Surgical Masks 

For surgical masks, do not reuse them the next day. They should be thrown away and replaced after 6 hours. You can consider buying them in bulk to save yourself from buying new ones every time. 

  • Better Two Than One 

If you are in a heavily infected place, try wearing 2 disposable masks. The second mask will add another layer of protection and reduce the risk of the virus passing through to your nose. 

  • No Valves 

Don’t consider using masks with valves as the World Health Organization doesn’t recommend it. 

  • Keep Your Distance 

You are not 100% safe and protected even if you are wearing a mask. Keep social distancing and avoid crowded places as much as possible to ensure your safety!

Final Thoughts

Do not underestimate the value of masks during the pandemic. They can save thousands of lives and suppress transmission. But, do not rely on them alone to protect you. Take all the necessary measures and precautions to stay safe always.

So, we hope you read this guide properly to know when and how to use masks during the COVID-19 pandemic!