Cannabis plants are special plants gifted to us by nature, and Cannabidiol is one compound that is extracted from it. Cannabidiol is said to help treat pains, as well as anxiety by clamping down on their symptoms, without leaving any side effect or little side effects in its wake.

Studies have shown that CBD oil may be it at its infancy, but there is increasing proof to state that many people now get the needed relief when they consume CBD oil. They no longer have to worry their heads about dealing with pains caused from sicknesses like cancer, anxiety, and so on.

We will go ahead to look at this organic medicine that can help reduce the pain that comes from ailments like cancer and anxiety. We will also analyze how it handles other aspects of anxiety.


CBD oil is that substance that is gotten from the cannabis or hemp plant and possesses cannabinoids. They help in binding to those receptors sited in the brain and aid in reducing pain.

THC is a type of cannabinoid that leads to the 'high' feeling people get when they consume marijuana.

THC isn't the only cannabinoid in existence. There are a lot of them, and another one of them is the Cannabidiol. This type is also known to bind to receptors, and do not give users any feeling of 'high.' Research has shown that cannabidiol oil possesses a lot of health benefits to its users, from helping to reduce cancer growth in the body to improve the state of one's mental health.

Since CBD oil is edible, a lot of people use it for cooking or taking it like that. Some people make use of it as drugs by taking a few drops of it daily.

Does CBD produce a high?

The CBD oil gotten from hemp do not give any 'high' feeling, unlike its counterpart, THC. Hemp is a kind of marijuana or cannabis plant that is raised for use in industries to make clothing and paper. Hemp is different from other species of cannabis or marijuana plants because it wasn't grown to create a large amount of THC, that substance that leads to 'high' feeling.

Cannabidiol is usually peddled as a kind of hemp oil that has a little amount of the substance, THC. What this means is that someone that makes use of cannabidiol may still be positive when a drug test is done on THC. They won't get any alterations to their mental state because CBD doesn't contain a large amount of THC.

CBD oil and anxiety

For a long time, people have ascribed cannabis to relaxation, as it makes one calm. This is one reason that it is seen as a great option for those that want to treat anxiety.

Some studies done on marijuana or cannabis have seen it as a great alternative in taking care of anxiety. Though a lot of research has been done on marijuana as a whole, it has been noticed that those studies carried on cannabidiol particularly are indeed promising.

One of the studies was carried out in 2010, and it was seen that cannabidiol could go a long way in reducing those symptoms that are linked with social anxiety in those that have SAD- Social Anxiety Disorder.

Brain scans were carried out on the participants, and it was seen that there were alterations in blood flow to those parts of the brain that were connected to feelings of anxiety. The research showed that cannabidiol improved how the participants felt, as well as changing how their brains reacted to the state of anxiety.

Another study done in 2011 shows that cannabidiol is capable of clamping down on social anxiety. In this research, scientists looked at cannabidiol itself to see how effective it was in treating anxiety that was linked with public speaking.

Another study was done in 2014, and it was seen that CBD oil came with antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects when tested out on animals.

Another study done in 2015 to analyze other research works showed that CBD oil is a great treatment for different types of anxiety-like panic disorder, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as a generalized anxiety disorder.

Organic Medicine to Manage Pain Caused by Stress

CBD and Pain

Research has also been carried out on to see how it could help in alleviating the scourge of pain. There has been proof that the intake of cannabidiol has effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is an advanced system that allows cell-to-cell communication. This system contributes to the functioning of the brain in the following aspects like mood and memory. It also affects how we see pain.

Based on research done on animals, there is evidence that shows how CBD can effectively help in pain management.

Taking the CBD oil orally may be effective, but using topical CBD application to those areas that hold the pain can be more effective.

This study is backed by a research that was published by the journal Pain in the year, 2017. There, researchers were of the opinion that making use of topical CBD went a long way to reduce the growth of joint pain in those rats that had osteoarthritis.

A study released in 2016, in the

European Journal of Pain showed that topical CBD gel helped clamp down on joint swelling, as well as inflammation in those rats that had arthritis.

A study released in 2018, in the Pediatric Dermatology had researchers stating that three cases of topical CBD- from those applied as spray, cream to oil- helped when applied to kids suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, a rare skin condition that leads to intense blistering.

When it was used on them, they noticed that their wounds healed tastes. They had fewer blisters, while the pain reduced drastically. One of them was able to be weaned off totally from oral opioid analgesic pain drugs. The study showed no dangerous aftermath.

A number of clinical trials have been done to look at how CBD oil affects those living with pain, and one of them was published in the year, 2018 by the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. The study went on to analyze the effect of using a number of cannabis-based drugs and realized that there are some benefits they offer, especially in the part of treating chronic neuropathic pain.

Neuropathic pain is common in those that are suffering from multiple sclerosis and diabetes. It is a kind of pain that is caused by the somatosensory system being destroyed. The somatosensory system is that system that is linked to processing sensory stimuli.

A study done in 2016 tried to analyze how effective cannabidiol was in clamping down on the symptoms of PTSD- post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as the anxiety-provoked sleep disorder seen in a kid that had experienced trauma in the past. The usage of cannabidiol helped in reducing the anxiety in the kid while allowing her sleep.