Whether you are a professional athlete, a marathon participant or a running junkie; the actual likelihood of experiencing frequent muscle pain, cramps and strains are relatively high. Whilst your body is busy building stamina & endurance, gaining muscle mass and burning calories, over-exertion of the muscles tend to result in painful cramps, aches or strains.

Anyone who is a trained athlete or a bodybuilder will not be able to stress enough the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet. Whenever you walk, jog, run or do any form of exercise, your body is always put under pressure. The famous, No Pain, No Gain ironically springs to mind….More often than not, the impact and strain on the muscles along with the rest of the body can knock you for six. To help recover quicker, repair the muscles, and to enhance endurance, it goes without saying that as well as staying hydrated, a well balanced & protein packed diet is vital.

Do you think it is possible to train and gain muscle strength without the aid of health supplements?

It goes without saying that runners, athletes and bodybuilders alike have to follow and stick to a strict routine. As they are running and exercising much more than the average person, they tend to suffer from cramps and strains. In order to fully heal, the taking of health supplements are a must and play an essential role in these active lifestyles. Lately, CBD oil has been in the news for being one of the best anti-catabolic health supplements for amateur bodybuilders and professional athletes. With its growing acceptance, people are eagerly ready to ditch their painkillers and shift to this natural medicinal herb.

Major benefits of CBD oil for Runners, Athletes & Body Builders

Relieves Pain
: CBD Oil has been widely acknowledged and accepted as one of the best solutions for pain. This oil contains cannabinoids which help in improving the functioning of the endocannabinoid system of the body. The receptors instantly send a message to the brain to increase anandamide levels in the body which produce painkilling effects, hence, reduces pain and inflammation.

Helps with Inflammation: Swelling, redness and muscle strain are common amongst people who do strenuous exercise or run. To heal and reduce inflammation, many resort to applying topical creams & gels, taking ibuprofen or other forms of painkillers and often use heat or cold packs. However, CBD oil, being a natural anti-inflammatory, can and has been extremely effective and successful with reducing inflammation & is a great non-medicinal alternative to painkillers. By simply massaging a few drops of CBD oil to the required area, it both quickly relaxes it and naturally repairs the tissues whilst reducing inflammation

Sound Sleep for Fast Recovery:  A body needs approximately 20 to 24 hours to fully recover from pain. CBD Oil contains 0.2% of THC that helps in relaxing the mind and improving sleeping patterns. So, if you wish to speed up the recovery process, take a few drops of CBD oil for a better sleep.

Reduces Muscle Cramps and Spasms: Regular expansion and contraction leads to muscle growth, however, initially it may cause cramps, uneasiness and spasms. CBD oil can help in relieving muscle pain by strengthening the muscles and by reducing swelling. The cannabinoids present in the oil are anti-inflammatory which also helps in controlling further damage and speed up the healing process.

Eliminates Game-Day Stress: No matter how hard you train, performance and on the day combined nerves and fear surface. This is just natural! To control anxiety and steady those nerves, let CBD oil come to the rescue. This oil is well-known for its anti-depressing properties which help in controlling stress and tension. So, it’s time to turn your back on often hard-hitting alternatives and move towards this natural and organic alternative.

Cannabidiol oil is taking the athletic and bodybuilding industry by storm. If you are also training for a marathon or simply working out, then why not give CBD oil a go and see how it can make a difference.