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If you are taking CBD frequently, you might want to take it with you when travelling. But, is is legal to take CBD to the plane if you are travelling from the UK? CBD is legal in the UK, but that doesn't mean you can travel with it to every country. You can take CBD oil on a plane only if it's legal in the destination country too.

We will tell you all the details you should know about travelling with CBD oil, but let's first get back to the basics.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance found in the cannabis plant.  Cannabis has around 113 different cannabinoids, but people mostly know about CBD and THC. Although they are a part of the same plant, CBD and THC are slightly different in their molecule structure.

Because of this, they cause different effects on our body.

The difference between CBD and THC

Both CBD and THC bind with cannabinoid receptors in our body, which are part of the endocannabinoid system.  This system is involved in several physiological functions.

It influences:

  • sleep
  • appetite
  • stress response
  • immune system 

Generally speaking, the endocannabinoid system maintains the homeostasis of the body. Although CBD and THC are interacting with the same system, they are binding to different cannabinoid receptors. Therefore, they are causing different effects.

The effect of CBD

CBD might be helpful with treating:

With CBD, we might feel more relaxed since it's helping our body to reach homeostasis.

People use it for treating different symptoms and find it helpful for various conditions. Recently it is getting included in some therapies for epilepsy and Parkinson disease. However, it is still under research, and a lot of CBD features are still unclear.

The studies showed some possible side effects of CBD.

Side effects of CBD

CBD is known as a pretty much safe substance that you cannot overdose with. But, there are some side effects you should be aware of:

  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • dizzyness
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea

Except for these mild symptoms, some researchers state the possible connection between using CBD and liver damage. The side effects occurred rarely and with high dosages, but the studies are still limited. It's a good idea to consult your doctor before taking CBD oil to make sure it is the right solution for you.

The effect of THC

THC is a more famous cannabinoid than CBD because of its psychedelic effect. That's why it's illegal in many countries. But, with the growing research, some benefits of THC are discovered.

The effect of THC usually includes:

  • euphoria
  • relaxation
  • heightened senses
  • reduced pain
  • altered state of mind

THC stimulates the part of your brain responsible for pleasure. It is increasing the release of dopamine, causing us to feel euphoric and relaxed. However, it may be addictive, and it has several possible side effects.

Side effects of THC

THC might cause:

  • dry mouth
  • increased heart rate
  • anxiety
  • coordination problems 
  • memory loss

THC may affect your mental health. Some studies showed a connection between frequent THC use and mental disorders. However, some countries legalized the medical or even recreational use of THC, and there are more and more studies about its possible benefits.

Unlike THC, CBD will not make you high. CBD oil is becoming a widely used and legal substance extracted from the cannabis plant. It is usually extracted from hemp, the strain of the cannabis plant, which is rich with CBD and has a very low level of THC.

CBD oil and the law

We are coming back to the question: can you take CBD oil on the plane in the UK?

The legality of CBD is not a simple inquiry. Although many countries are losing the law regarding CBD, there are differences in their approach to this matter.

Is CBD oil legal in the UK?

The law in the UK states that it is legal to buy and have CBD oil.

But, under one condition. It cannot have any THC in itself. CBD oil can have some amount of THC. Although pure, THC free products exist, usually CBD is not 100% pure.

In many countries, there is a maximum level of THC allowed in CBD products. In the UK, it's - zero. Since the new law took place in 2018, CBD products cannot contain any THC. But, if it's possible to buy a pure product, it shouldn't be a big problem, right?

That would be true if there wouldn't be so many mislabeled products outhere.

Mislabeling of CBD products

Researchers say that almost half of the CBD products on the market are mislabeled. That means it could contain less CBD than claimed, which means you will not get the expected effect.

On the other hand, the CBD product could contain more THC than stated, and legally speaking, it could be a problem. If THC is above traceable level, you could fail the drug test or have problems while travelling.

Taking CBD on a plane in the UK partially depends on the purity of the product.

Can you take CBD oil on a plane in the UK?

If the CBD product is THC free, you can take it on a plane in the UK. Travelling with CBD oil within the UK is legal. But, if you are travelling abroad, you should consider that other countries might have different laws regarding CBD products.

Restricted Items in the airport

To which countries it is legal to take CBD on a plaen from the UK?

If you're wondering which countries you can take CBD oil to, you should check the law in the destination country.


CBD is legal in most EU countries. The usual amount of THC permitted is 0.2% per product. But, there is a country where CBD oil is illegal: Slovakia.

On the other hand, both CBD and THC are legal in Spain, but only for personal use. You cannot buy or sell cannabis.


In the USA, CBD is legal in most of the states. However, you should check the law of the particular state you are going to. In some states like Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska, CBD is illegal. But, more and more states are legalizing marijuana and THC. Thirty-seven states legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes since 2012.


Canada legalized marijuana, but there are some limits. You can fly with any amount of CBD or THC, but only within the country. So, if you are travelling to Canada, you better buy CBD oil when you arrive.

Can you travel with CBD on a plane: wrap-up

Many people are travelling with CBD oil because they want to use it on the plane.

It might be helpful with flight anxiety, jet lag and other symptoms that people feel when travelling on a plane. Also, some people use it for reducing chronic pain and other ongoing conditions. That's why it could be important to bring CBD oil with them, especially during long flights. However, if you don't need to use it on the plane, it's better to buy CBD oil in the destination country. 

That way you will avoid any possible troubles at the airport.

Since the purity of the CBD product can be an important factor regarding its legality, try to make sure you are buying from a trusted brand.

There are small chances that your CBD oil will be sent to the laboratory check by the airport security, but you never know. 

Having more THC than allowed in your CBD oil might cause trouble even if CBD itself is legal in the country you are travelling to. Besides that, you should also check if there were some recent changes in the law of your country.

CBD is legal now in the UK, but there is no guarantee it will not change in the future. Always stay up to date with all relevant information because the consequences could be unpleasant.

Finding the trusted brand for purchasing CBD products may sound complicated, but detailed research of the reviews and other people's experience can be helpful. If it's possible, check your CBD product before travelling. Checking CBD oil in the laboratory may be pricey, but it could give you peace of mind if you have a product you can trust.