This is a first-hand account of an anonymous person, and her struggle with anxiety. I have been suffering from anxiety for over 8 years now, with 5 years not really fully understanding what was really wrong with me. I remember thinking that perhaps I was just shy or just did not get on well with people in certain social scenarios. But the underlying issue was always anxiety when triggered it feels as though you are paralysed in your body and cannot really speak, let alone think of anything to say. Words fail you and it’s as though you are just a shadow of a person. I know anyone that suffers any form of anxiety will be able to relate with me on this one. You feel muscle tensions and can suffer from brain fog from time to time, yes I know its terrible and can truly be a condition that rules over your whole life.

The root of anxiety is fear, fear of humiliation, fear of being judged in social settings and is deep-rooted within your self-esteem and a self-fed opinion of not being worthy enough to be who you truly are. You may on a day to day basis think of yourself as a confident positive person, therefore having anxiety may not make sense even to you.. But when anxiety sets in it can be debilitating for your social and work life. Then of course, anxiety can easily lead into depression, my experience I think with depression has been mild. I do recall a fortnight of being completely depressed two years ago and it is a time period in my life that I never want to revisit, I would describe it much like being lifeless, body with zero brain activity. It I felt much worse than anxiety, and anxiety is pretty bad. I know too that when you have such as condition life can feel bleak, having so many negative thoughts and emotions can often to lead you into victim lead scenarios which can further exacerbate your anxiety, believe me I know. Being bullied when you are in a state of anxiety is not fun, especially when you feel paralysed to speak and therefore cannot defend yourself. I still do have anxiety today but managing it is the key and a lot of self love. I have had CBT Therapy, Hypnotherapy and have self-medicated with natural supplements such as  5 htp and GABA Tablets, coupled with daily yoga and meditation. But since working at CBD Armour and using CBD Silver oil, a few drops a day under my tongue I feel has made a big impact in managing my condition. I naturally feel a state of calm within my nervous system and I find it is especially great to have a few extra drops before bedtime for a much deeper and rested sleep.

I feel more confident and much less anxious then before. CBD Armour is also a mental health friendly employer, a bonus in my eyes. My last thoughts are that anxiety needs to stop being trivialised as just a stress, or someone who comes across as nervous. It is classed as a mental health condition but all as all other mental health conditions anxiety needs to understood on it's as a separate ailment. This way we can help sufferers feel as though they can speak out and get help without being stigmatised.


Anon Anxiety Recovery and CBD Armour Employee.