If you're into plants and organics, you've probably heard about cannabidiol, aka CBD. If not, then let me give you a quick refresher.


CBD, a non-psychoactive compound, is extracted from the cannabis plant. The celebrated cannabinoid is widely used and infused on a variety of products, including food. 


The bonus part is, unlike its sibling cannabinoid, THC, CBD is almost legal everywhere. 


Now that we've scratched that off, let's look into how this CBD-infused food craze came to life and how you make them yourself.


CBD-Infused food is popular because:


  1. CBD is considered organic.


If you're a health buff, you know that consuming organic, pesticide-free is the route to go. CBD is naturally occurring in nature. Most CBD extractors and cannabis cultivators know that "organic upbringing" is the best that they can do to maintain high-quality cannabis plants. That's why they are keen on keeping their plants "always" pesticide-free and GMO-free. 


Beware, not all CBD products are organic. It all comes down to the brand. So before purchasing one, consider researching the brand, specifically look for: 


⦁    Where the plants are grown;

⦁    Whether or not the company submits its products to a third-party lab;

⦁    Whether or not it's contaminant free.


  1. CBD complements savory dishes and desserts well.


You can infuse CBD in almost anything. CBD's usual base oil packaged version complements brownies, shakes, protein shakes, soups, and even kimchi. 


CBD has an earthy taste to it when you overdo its amount on food, but it tastes almost like nothing even in its textbook amount. 


How to make CBD-infused food yourself 


Now, this is my favourite part. 


You can experiment as to where you can infuse your CBD oil into. You just have to be extra careful about the dosage instructions written on the CBD product package. 


Below are the basic steps to cover in making any CBD-infused food yourself. 


  1. Pick the best CBD oil product for your needs.


Your CBD-infused food experience would have been in vain if what you've chosen to use is not at par with your standard. 


To have a wonderful experience, pick out a legitimate CBD oil brand that suits your needs. For example, if you're an active person who is busy all the time, you'll want a full-spectrum CBD oil version infused in your food. 


  1. Mind the CBD dosage.


If you can, you need a doctor's approval or advice on CBD oil dosage. People usually start at 2.5 mg of CBD oil a day and increase them according to their needs with careful observation of side effects. 


  1. For first-timers, try eating your CBD-infused food at night.


Are you a first-timer? CBD has a sedative effect, so you might want to be in your home at night when you eat it. 


  1. Mind the best food to infuse your CBD oil in.


CBD absorbs fat, so it's a perfect pair with healthy fats. Healthy fats like peanut butter and avocado taste great with CBD oil. Slather the mixture in your toast, and you're good to go in the morning.


Smoothies are also great with CBD oil. Always add cream or yogurt in your smoothies because it represents healthy fat.


  1. Make a single serving.


If you're not a pro at this yet, consider making a single serving of CBD-infused food for the first couple of batches. You don't want to confuse yourself with dosages by making large batches. 


  1. Avoid heating it.


CBD oil is best when it's not heated up. You'll most likely evaporate the CBD oil if put under intense heat. 


To avoid this from happening, incorporate CBD oil at the last stage of your cooking that doesn't involve too much heat.