CBD oil and Vegan protein powders are on the rise now. Naturally, people would want to know how to maximize the product’s usage in their everyday lives.

We’ll discuss below the different food and drinks that are perfect for your vegan protein and CBD oil combo.

Food Recipes and Drinks in a Day That You Can Incorporate CBD oil into:

CBD oil is such a versatile product. You can combine it with almost any type of food (desserts, smoothies, drinks, baked goods, savory dishes, and more). Below are some of the best foods to try with your CBD oil.


Freshen your breakfast time by making a CBD oil-infused smoothie. Add some oatmeal and fresh blueberries for that added kick.


If you’re conscious of your figure, it’s best to have an egg sandwich for lunch once every once in a while. This combo is perfect for CBD oil. Drop oil on a newly toasted bread and put your egg with mayonnaise (or any combination) in the middle.


For dinner, you can prepare a fresh bowl of salad. Add a drop of CBD oil on it and mix.

Food Recipes and Drinks in a Day That You Can Incorporate Vegan Protein Into:

Vegan protein is perfect for yogurts, smoothies, drinks, and baked goodies. Below are some of the best food and drink choices that you can make with vegan protein.


Coconut-Mint Smoothie with Kale and Lemon.This smoothie is ultra-delicious and satisfying. The combination of fruits, mint, and coconut water adds to the fruity and refreshing taste of the smoothie. Lemon adds a burst of flavor to the smoothie concoction, and the vegan protein adds a body to it. Put a scoop or two of the vegan protein, and you’re set for the day.

Dessert for Lunch:

Satisfy your sweet tooth with caramel glazed protein bars after a heavy lunch meal. You can take it with you to your office, gym practice, or anywhere. You can prepare this on your own too. You just need the following ingredients: honey, chocolate chips (easy to melt), chia seeds, nut butter, flour, nuts of your choice, and vegan protein.

Dinner with Yogurt:

Lighten up your palette by savoring a yogurt-filled vegan protein after dinner. Purchase your favorite yogurt. You can choose from flavored and unflavored yogurt varieties. Before mixing in your vegan protein to the yogurt, prepare your vegan protein first. Put a scoop or two of vegan protein in a bowl with water. Mix until you get a paste-like consistency. You can also add berries and fruit juice into the mix. For best results, use a blender.

Final Thought

Experiment once in a while with your CBD oil and vegan products with these must-try snacks and beverages. This food guide is just one of the many recipes you can try. Just make sure to put in the proper dosage of each product in a day so as to remove unwanted complications.