The need for a milkshake never ceases on any occasion. Milkshake is a classic that everyone should have once in their life. Milkshakes can be infused with just about anything, from strawberry to avocado, you name it. To take it up a notch, I've created a milkshake recipe where everything I love goes in there: CBD (cannabidiol) and vanilla.


The combination of CBD oil, vanilla, and milk is a classic take on a milkshake. I use CBD Armour's CBD Silver oil because of its full-spectrum feature, but any reputable CBD oil product of your choice would do. Dropping the allowed amount of CBD oil into the mixture before blending is the key to mute the earthy taste of CBD oil. But if you wanted CBD oil's taste to bite back, drop the CBD oil mixture in the final preparations.




  1. If you're a virgin to CBD oil, start small. 
  2. Opt for a softer and fluffier version of ice creams. These ice creams are easily blended.


Servings: Two


Preparation time: Nine minutes


Tools to prepare:


  1. Blender
  2. Two tall glasses
  3. A teaspoon for measuring
  4. A tablespoon for measuring
  5. Knife for slicing fruits


Things to prepare:


  1. Two cups of vanilla ice cream.


  1. A quarter cup of milk.


  1. A spoonful of CBD oil (or according to what the instructional pamphlet says about the products allowed amount per serving).


  1. Honey (pour according to the desired amount).


  1. A pinch of sea salt.


Optional ingredients (for toppings):


  1. Whipped cream.


  1. Chopped fruits.


How to prepare the recipe:


  1. Pour the following ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth:


⦁ Two cups of vanilla ice cream

⦁ A quarter cup of milk

⦁ CBD oil

⦁ Honey


If you're having trouble achieving your desired consistency, pour water to make the mixture more runny or add more vanilla ice cream to make the consistency thicker and fuller.


  1. Pour the blended CBD-infused vanilla milkshake into a tall glass or glasses. Sprinkle a bit of sea salt on top and add either or both of the following ingredients:


⦁ Whipped cream

⦁ Chopped fruits


You could choose to add CBD oil at this point, too, if you want to unmute the earthy taste of CBD.


  1. Serve and enjoy them. You can store the excess to the bottom layer of a refrigerator. You can modify the amount per serving, and you can double or triple them if you want to increase the servings.


Final thought


Take a breather and indulge in this unique milkshake variety. For more recipes on CBD, visit CBD Armour's blog at ( Cheers for the summer and the following seasons to come!