Everything you need to know about keeping crusts extra crispy from infusing its foolproof pastry with CBD 

The wonders of CBD (Cannabidiol) is already an omnipresent fact among cannabis-based products present in the market, for it was renowned for its myriad of curative properties, non-psychoactive effects, and therapeutic benefits. As the drive continues throughout the world to legalize cannabis, researchers show no sign of stopping to continue understanding this once unknown compound and how the world can benefit from it.

Believe it or not, CBD is not only available for its medicinal counterparts but also as a sort of tasty infusion in making treats.

Below are some tips you’ll want to check first before you create a bunch of CBD-infused fruit tarts, baked or not.


Add a thoughtful fruit arrangement:

Some fruit tarts have their fruit toppings arranged in different patterns. Some like it to have their cherries stand vertically but still lie in the same plane as the cream. Basically, you have to play with shapes and sizes. Pay attention to the different views you are creating too. Explore and add unique and specialized touches, like tossing blueberries in confectioners’ sugar, then sprinkle them on as a finishing touch.

Try not to make the crust soggy

Why is it that we often find plenty of fresh fruit tarts that are so pleasing to the eye but do not actually taste good? We are often attracted to the colorful, shiny finish of the fruit toppings, only to find out that it has a soggy crust and flavorless, gluey pastry cream. You have to remember to cook the tart shell until it turns brown. By then it will exude a sweet, warm, buttery taste. Try to bake your crust not white, not beige, and not too pale.

Use a removable-bottom pan instead of a flan ring

To make fruit tarts faster and easier, use a tart pan instead of a flan ring. Flan rings have no bottom, so you obviously need to have a good sheet pan underneath or it’ll ruin the tart’s shape. A tart pan has a removable bottom that makes the task easier.

Focus on technical component and upgrades too

When you roll out the tart crust, keep turning the disk of the dough as you go. This is to make sure that the dough is not sticking to the work surface. Take note that the size of your tart will dictate the thickness of the dough you make. Make sure to spread the frangipane evenly in the shell so you won’t have any thick undercooked spots. Finally, apply a finishing touch of a light coat of glaze to keep the fruit from drying out.

Incorporate CBD Oil into the tart’s filling

If this is your first time adding CBD oil to a fruit tart, a common suggestion would be to add the smallest suggested amount first (suggested amount per person is 1-3 full droppers a day) If you want to have a No-bake fruit tart, just add 2 full droppers to the filling. You may add up to 3 droppers per 1 tart of CBD oil along with the main ingredients for the filling. Remember to stir until fully absorbed by the mixture. 


You have read some of the tips when making an exceptional CBD-infused fruit tart. How about you? Do you have any additional tips to add to the list?