raw Vegan CBD Chocolate Mousse with herb toping and chopped avocado on the table

The summer season is about to end, and yet we're still quarantined inside our homes. Instead of fretting, make summer happen inside your own home by making this raw vegan CBD chocolate mousse recipe. 

This is a delicious recipe you could make every day and is especially suitable for this summer. Pretend you're on vacation while sipping this raw vegan CBD chocolate mousse. You can also add it to several desserts like cakes, croissants, and more.

Create a big batch and store the leftovers in the freezer. Then, enjoy it until the next week.

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Raw vegan CBD chocolate mousse recipe

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Servings: 4

Things to prepare:

  1. 4 spoonfuls of cold water
  2. Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
  3. Honey or maple syrup (amount should be according to your taste)
  4. A quarter cup of cocoa powder
  5. 8 pitted dates (soak them in water for a few minutes to soften their exterior)
  6. 2 avocados (Cut in half and take out the seed. Scrape the insides with a spoon. Don't scrape it too hard or you'll get the bitter contents on the bottom of the shell)
  7. CBD oil (amount should be according to what the pamphlet of the product says)

Tools to prepare:

  1. Processor or blender
  2. four glasses
  3. Spoon (for various purposes)
  4. Knife (for cutting the avocados in half)

How to prepare the recipe:

  1. In a food processor or blender, put in the following ingredients:
    • Soaked dates;
    • Honey;
    • Half teaspoon vanilla extract (ingredient 2);
    • A quarter cup of cocoa powder;
    • Two spoonfuls of cold water.
  2. Turn on the food processor, blend everything together. Process until smooth.
  3. Add in your scraped avocado contents and CBD oil in the food processor. Repeat the process of blending the ingredients and process until smooth.
  4. If you're having some trouble perfecting a smooth consistency in your mousse, add spoonfuls of cold water. Keep adding until you achieve a smooth consistency.
  5. Add your mousse into four separate individual glasses and put some fruit toppings in there. Put them in the middle part of the refrigerator and serve them after two days of freezing.


  1. Double up the recipe's serving and store the other half in a sealed container to be chilled in a freezer. You can store the raw vegan CBD chocolate mousse for up to three weeks.
  2. Shake the CBD oil bottle before use.
  3. For a double batch, double the ingredients. Garnish with gluten-free dark chocolate.

Final thought

Add delight to your everyday summer quarantine by creating this easy-to-make raw vegan CBD chocolate mousse. For more recipes about CBD oil like this quick-to-make raw vegan CBD chocolate mousse recipe, visit our blog page and find wonderful recipes every week.