For today's recipe, I will dish out how to make a refreshing version of grilled apricot, watermelon & arugula CBD summer salad. It's easily one of the best dishes to try in the summer because every ingredient is just pure freshness for the palate. 


Cannabis, CBD, and Food


Did you know that the world has long known the idea of cannabis in food? Yes, in India, as early as the 10th century, the mixture of milk and cannabis flowers is widely utilised for spiritual ceremonies and the like. 


The practice of infusing cannabis's parts on food is not an isolated case. Italy has been infusing cannabis in their food in the early renaissance period. In the late 80s, the abuse of cannabis became rampant. This started a stigma which signalled the decline of the practice of infusing cannabis in food. 


The emergence of several landmark studies about CBD (a cannabinoid from cannabis) being a potential powerhouse in natural treatment, brought the trend of cannabis-infusion again. However, the trend now is more geared on CBD, a compound but is still very much a part of cannabis. 


The trend of CBD food infusion is still developing, meaning, most of us are still beginners in this venture. It's recommended to use smaller batches to be in control with the suggested dosage and taste of CBD.


Things to prepare:


For the salad


  1. Mint leaves, chopped (amount depends on your liking);
  2. 80 grams of arugula;
  3. 3 apricots. Slice them in 6 even pieces;
  4. 2 spoonfuls of feta cheese;
  5. A quarter of chopped red onion;
  6. Half of the watermelon, cubed.


For the dressing


  1. Himalayan pink salt or Himalayan salt and black pepper (amount depends on your taste);
  2. CBD oil (Follow the instructions written on the product's pamphlet);
  3. Balsamic vinegar (amount depends on your liking);
  4. Cold-pressed olive oil (a drizzle);
  5. Honey (a drizzle).




For the salad


  1. Rinse your apricots well. Slice them and brush them lightly with olive oil.


  1. Preheat your pan in medium heat and place your apricots on it.


  1. Cook each side for approximately 2 minutes. You know your apricots are ready when there's a little caramelisation action happening on the pan. Set aside away from the heat.


  1. Place your rinsed and sliced watermelon, mint and onion in your salad bowl.


For the dressing


  1. Mix in a small bowl all of your ingredients for the dressing. Make sure the amount of Himalayan salt and pepper in your dressing is perfect according to your taste.


Final preparations:


  1. In your salad bowl, add mint, arugula, and chopped red onion. Drizzle the dressing in the salad bowl and toss the ingredients well with a wooden spoon. 


  1. Put your grilled apricots, and a sprinkle of feta cheese on top of your salad bowl and prepare to serve.