Are you feeling a little down at night? Go to your kitchen and do something. Nothing beats a good night's sleep with an extra activity related to cooking. If you are looking for the perfect overnight oats to enjoy in the morning, try this delicious carrot cake overnight oats with CBD oil. What's so special about this recipe?


First, the combination of all the ingredients is phenomenal. It's like munching fiber, but you know that it's a morning dessert. You can even sneak in some vegetables in this recipe, and your kids won't even know it. Another special thing about it is you can eat it hot or cold. 


If you want a dessert-cakey feel, you can freeze it. If you feel like having hot breakfast oats in the morning, you can heat it in a pan. Lastly, this is easily one of the best recipes to incorporate your CBD oil into. 


Remember that the ingredients here are all interchangeable except for the carrot, of course (if you are still committed to making this a carrot cake). If you like the recipe to be a bit vegan, you can switch from regular sweetened milk to almond milk or soy milk. Almond milk has its perks because it doesn't spoil so easily. 


Ready to bake, or should I say, cook? Roll your sleeves up and read on. 


The time needed to prepare: at least 5 minutes.


Best time to serve: Breakfast


Designed servings: 1


Tools to prepare:


  1. Bowl
  2. Spatula


Things to prepare:


  1. 2 spoonfuls of maple syrup
  2. A dash of salt
  3. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon
  4. A quarter spoon of vanilla extract
  5. A spoonful of raisins
  6. A spoonful of macadamia nuts
  7. One cup of milk
  8. Half a cup of oats
  9. Half of a large shredded carrot
  10. A drop of CBD oil.


How to prepare:


  1. Mix all the liquids (2 spoonfuls of maple syrup, a quarter spoon of vanilla extract, one cup of milk, and a drop of CBD oil) in one bowl. Mix everything in a spatula until everything is well-blended.


  1. Next, add a dash of salt and half a teaspoon of cinnamon in the bowl of liquids. Make sure the salt and cinnamon are well-mixed within the liquid mixture. Taste a bit of the liquid mixture. This is the best time to add milk, salt, or anything that would mimic your desired taste.


  1. If you're satisfied with the taste of your liquid mixture, add the solids (a spoonful of raisins, a spoonful of macadamia nuts, half a cup of oats, and half of a large shredded carrot) next. Mix everything until you get the consistency you want. You want your consistency not to be too lumpy and not too fine. If you like the consistency of a chocolate bar oats, you can make that by adding more oats.


  1. If you wanted it to be cold in the morning, put it in a secure container and store it on the topmost part of your freezer. If you want it heated in the morning, put the container in the lowest part of the freezer, so it doesn't freeze.


Final Thoughts:


This recipe is easy to make and delicious as well. You just basically throw everything together in one bowl and squeeze it in your freezer. So, there you go, enjoy your delicious carrot cake overnight oats in the morning, and don't forget to share or like this recipe!