It's safe to say that everybody loves guacamole. Who wouldn't love guacamoles? They're delicious in almost any dish. From toast, pasta, to desserts, they're the bomb. Plus, avocados can be availed in any season of the year, especially in tropical countries. 


Because avocados are accessible in almost any season, it's great to have guacamole on almost any occasion. You'll never miss a morning without your favorite guacamole toast on hand. To satisfy your guacamole cravings, I've laid down my best recipe of guacamole below. It's easy to make, simple, fresh, and can be readily infused with CBD oil.


Picking the right avocado in the fresh food section


To make great guacamoles, you need to pick the right avocado for you. A great avocado is something that's evenly ripe. It's sort of annoying once the insides of your avocado have uneven ripe patches. This disturbs the consistency of the avocado's taste. To prevent this, I'll tell you a secret trick in knowing the best, evenly ripe avocado in the fresh food section.


The squeeze method: Gently squeeze your avocado. If it's soft and doesn't resist your palm, it's ripe. If it's too soft, the avocado might be overripe. If the avocado is too hard and it doesn't yield in your palm so easily, it's not ripe yet.


Now back to our regular programming:


Serving size: 6 


Things to prepare:


  1. CBD oil (the amount should be according to what the instructional pamphlet says in your CBD oil brand of choice);
  2. Two teaspoons of jalapeño (minced; leave the seeds and membrane if you prefer your guacamole to be extra hot;
  3. Seasonings (salt and pepper; the amount will be determined by your taste);
  4. Two cloves of garlic;
  5. A quarter cup of cilantro;
  6. One tomato (diced);
  7. Two spoonfuls of lime juice (better if it's freshly squeezed);
  8. Three ripe avocados.


How to prepare the guacamole recipe


  1. Rinse your avocados. Cut them into half, lengthwise. Remove the seed. Scoop out the green insides of the flesh and put it in one bowl. Try not to scrape too deeply, you might accidentally scrape out the bitter brown flesh at the bottom of the avocado. Do the same to the other two avocados. 


  1. Add the lime juice in the bowl where your avocado flesh is in. Mash the content with the fork. Mash until the consistency is creamy but not too fine. It's okay to leave little chunks. Drop your CBD oil in the avocado and lime mixture.


  1. Peel the skin of your garlic. Chop the garlic finely and sprinkle some salt on it. Put your chopped garlic with salt in the bowl with your avocados.


  1. Add the diced tomato, cilantro, jalapeño and pepper in the same bowl.


  1. Taste the guacamole. Adjust the saltiness, spiciness, or sourness by adding salt, jalapeño, or lime in the guacamole mixture. 


  1. You can straight up serve the guacamole with toast, or you can refrigerate it first. If you want to refrigerate it, cover it with a plastic wrapper and put it on the middle shelf of your refrigerator.